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What a fair game Google and other search engines play (as a SEO Company London, we know)! They are unbiased in ranking deserving websites at the top positions while responding to their users’ search queries at the same time. Now, what decides which website deserves to be at the top? The answer is simple – SEO. As a leading SEO agency in London, we can bring your business to the position where it can draw the most relevant search engine traffic.

SEO Company London

Why Do Search Engines Love SEO-friendly Websites (SEO Company London)?

Optimising a website for search engines has two primary purposes:

  • On-page optimisation improves the overall performance in terms of design, loading speed, navigation, content and more. The idea is to offer a satisfactory experience to the visitors. And that’s what search engines want your website to accomplish. If you succeed, your website happily climbs the ladder to the top rank.
  • Off-page optimisation increases the visibility of your website in the web space. When you share quality content on various platforms, like article directories, blogs, social media sites, video streaming sites, then search engines view your website as a useful resource worth getting indexed among the top search results (of course this can take time).

Our SEO company in London knows how to meet these goals. We are here to handle your business website and prepare the search engines to notice it.

Top Reasons to Choose Our SEO Agency in London

  • We follow ethical white-hat SEO practices without any shortcuts to help you sustain top ranks in the long run.
  • We don’t guarantee to take your website to the top position within days. The process would take its own sweet time, and that’s favourable for your site to stay there for longer.
  • We target local and global SEO results to extend the reach of your business to every place where its targeted audiences reside.
  • Our task doesn’t finish once your website reaches the desired rank. With the changing search algorithms, we also update our SEO strategies for consistent results.

Impressed? Don’t be yet! Call our SEO Company in London today for an elaborated discussion as we have a lot more to tell you about your online business success. 

SEO Tools That We Use

In this age of digitalisation and innovation, businesses grow online. For the Growth of any online business, SEO is compulsory to have clients notice you. Following are the areas which our SEO Company London will focus on to get your business ranked, found and clicked.

  • Generating More Leads
  • Key Word Ranking
  • Quality Of Content
  • SEO tools and Software
  • Use of Google My Business To Rank Higher
  • Drive website Traffic
  • Optimise For Mobile App
  • Obtain Customer reviews
  • List your Business On Directories

Generating More Leads

Generating leads for the queries your customer is asking helps rank to the top pages in Google. The person will search for questions if he/she finds that they might become your regular customer. By doing this, you are in the front line with your competitors. Customers can easily reach out to you. And our SEO Company London applies this method to rank your business, making it easy for users to find and click!

Key Word Ranking

The ranking is essential, and SEO Company London will help you do that. Ranking higher on Google means that you are visible to more audience; it is a good sign and will increase your sales. For organising through the use of an appropriate keyword is vital for business growth. We incorporate the keywords into your website content. Keywords are the words that people search in Google. Google, in response, scours the index and displays all of the websites that use that particular keyword. So you need to have content with the placement of right keywords for your business. Make sure to focus on the choice of keywords mostly used by the public related to your business.

It is essential to have technical assistance in this regard which our SEO Company London can deliver you (it is more than simply having the keyword appear in the content). We work out multiple keywords for each page of your site. With one keyword focused on a number of pages, it causes these pages to compete with one another and reduces the site’s overall ranking. The key focus must be ranking of various pages collectively on Google. For choosing the right keyword, we need to know the audience. Moreover, specific tools tell you how much searches there are for a particular keyword.

Quality Of Content

Adding keywords in your content just for the sake of ranking is not enough. You need to produce high-quality content because Google wants to remain the most trustworthy search engine. It will interfere with the reputation if Google identifies that you use low-quality content in a website and will not rank. Moreover, if Google detects such activities, it will penalise you for this. From the visitors’ perspective, it is crucial to have the best quality of content to engage your audience for more time. And it will not be possible if they find irrelevant content on the site. Adseen Digital’s SEO Company London is readily available to provide you with the best guidelines.

SEO tools and Software

In the modern digital world, people like us use several SEO tools. Our SEO Company London uses professional Software and tools for serving the purpose to rank your website. As if people are unable to reach you, how will they become your customer? Our professional team uses tools to analyse how they can help you select perfect keywords and rank on the first page for more extended periods.

Use of Google My Business To Rank Higher

You will have to rank your business on Google business. By doing this, you can get a higher number of clients from Google – it is all about being seen. If your Google my business listing is complete, there are more chances that you rank higher in Google Searches and Google maps. When you want rankings and clicks, this is an area to focus on. You need to fill the Business name, address, phone number, category, hours of operation, website, description and photos. Upload all the information and eye-catching images to engage your customer.

Drive website Traffic

Questions and answers boxes can only provide so much information. People click to the website from there to explore more about the topic. So make sure to work on this area if you want to rank on the first page of Google. If you are not on the first page of Google, it is a massive disadvantage because many people find their desired results and do not move to the next pages on a Google browser.

There are other countless tools and techniques incorporated in the plan to make your website rank higher and grow your business.

Optimised For Mobile App

Most of non responsive websites are unable to find their way to the first page on Google. Google favours mobile-responsive websites because they are easy to access on mobile device and laptops. And this is important from the point of view that half of the people use mobile phones for browsing websites. A responsive website will fit every screen, whether it is an android phone or a tablet, or an iPhone.

Obtain Customer reviews

Customer reviews have a very positive impact on rankings and trust. Google searchers are interested in knowing what other people are saying about any particular website. Create a review shortcut and encourage your customers to give reviews about your site and services.

List your Business On Directories

Listing your business on other directories other than Google My Business is also beneficial, such as Yelp. It is one of the top trusted sites by Google and has high traffic (make sure to include a link back to your site). Make sure to complete online directories. Make it accurate, consistent, complete and updated. Also collect reviews from the sites that are trusted by Google.

These were some of the primary techniques which are currently being used for SEO. Remember that 60-70% of people searching for a particular keyword will click on the site that they view on the first page of the Google browser, so not being on the first page means that you have lost you 70% of the customers. Use these techniques to get your business ranked, found and clicked. Remember to focus on both the on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation.

Why Is SEO So Important, especially as a company in a big city like London?

SEO is done for the sake of high ranking on Google. SEO Company London helps you to get your business ranked, found and clicked. Having a website is not enough (how will anyone find it?), but making it visible and placing it before the audience is where the real work is. So that they can click and you find an opportunity to engage with them. And this will lead them to become your clients (don’t forget about having a good landing page – we will have an article on that soon).

Every big website owner is using SEO tools and techniques if you are not aware of these. You will never compete in the market without them. The primary purpose of the website is not fulfilled without SEO.

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